General Tender Terms & Conditions


Changes in Data Protection law


Privacy policy and data handling

Allport auction site policy is not to circulate email addresses to third parties without the express request of the customer.  This policy is in place in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to keep customers emails and any personal data confidential.


Allport auction websites do not send customer enquiries on to other companies or partners without the express request of the customer for us to do so.


All Allport auction email data is stored in encrypted, secure format within the EU, in full accordance with GDPR regulations.  Any customer has the right to have their data deleted or amended by sending us an email request.


Email marketing

GDPR regulation ensures that customers or emails users do not receive unsolicited emails, by making it easy for people to unsubscribe.

Allport auction marketing emails all carry unsubscribe options at the bottom to enable customers to opt out easily.



Changes in Data Protection law




As you’re probably aware, the law on how companies collect, manage and use personal data changed on 25th May 2018, when the General Data Protection (GDPR) came into force. As you’re one of our valued customers who use our products and services, we both need to comply with this. To keep things simple, we’ve updated our privacy policy and launched a GDPR webpage, which is has all of the information you’ll need about our standard contract terms.


The GDPR requires us to have the right language in place in our contract. We’ve updated it so that together we can comply with data protection law.


You might have other services from us that are provided under non-standard terms and you’ll be hearing from us separately on those.


We’ve also made some changes to our privacy policy, which sets out how we handle the information we get from everyone who uses our products and services. The changes make it easier for you to find out how we use and protect your information. The fact that the law has changed only builds on what we already do today – giving your personal data the respect and security it deserves.




Richard Allport


1. All 
Allport Commercial Recycling sales are governed exclusively by the following conditions and the conditions of the respective tenders. Alternative agreements require confirmation by Allport Commercial Recycling in writing.

2. The Tender Bid Procedure: Inspect goods thoroughly before submitting a bid. Warranty claims are excluded.

3. Bids must be submitted in writing or electronically preferably on Allport Commercial Recycling form. Submission of bids by post or by hand is also acceptable. Bids sent by fax must be confirmed by sending the original hard copy by post.

4. The correct lot number must be given. 

5. Bids must include the exact address of the bidder including telephone number, fax number and email. If using a bidding form do not forget the legally binding signature.

6. Withdrawal of a bid must arrive at
Allport Commercial Recycling in writing before the expiry of the tender deadline, if the bidder submits several bids for the same lot, the valid bid Is always the last bid received.

7. Bids may not be considered and may be rejected by
Allport Commercial Recycling if they are not in accordance with the above-mentioned provisions or If they contain conditions or reservations.

8. The bidder whose bid has been accepted will be notified within 24 hours, Bidders who do not receive notification within this period may assume that their bid was not considered.
Allport Commercial Recycling liability for incorrect verbal information is limited to deliberateness and gross negligence.

9. Bids shall principally be submitted in £ sterling. Bids in foreign currencies will be convened at the official exchange selling rate in £ sterling on the day of bid acceptance.

10. The sales contract with a bidder shall be concluded once the acceptance of his bid has been declared to him by phone, In formless writing or by means of a confirmation of order and invoice (Notification of the acceptance).

11. Payment shall be received by
Allport Commercial Recycling within 4 days of date of EMAIL Invoice without any deduction. Cash, cheques of bank transfers are accepted as payment only.

12. Payment is to be made in £ sterling. Banking fees and exchange differences are at the Buyer's expense.

13. Goods will not be released until all funds are cleared.

14. The Buyer is obliged to collect the goods purchased within 10 days of the date of EMAIL Invoice. This pick-up obligation is one of the Buyer's principal performance obligations. Before removal, the Buyer must make prior arrangements with the contract officer at the storage location concerned

15. Warranty and Liability for Defects. Goods are "sold as seen", excluding any warranty claims.
Allport Commercial Recycling gives no guarantee as to description, quantity, and quality. condition, suitability for use and licensing, undamaged history or the non-existence of apparent or hidden defects.

16. Remarks regarding the description, condition and assortment of the goods as well as indication of quantities in "en-bloc" lots are non-binding. Information, statements and promises are without obligation unless confirmed by
Allport Commercial Recycling in writing.

17. The Buyer shall be responsible for adherence, to safety, licensing and environmental protection requirements as well as for applying for operating permits.

18. If Buyer fails to remove the goods in due time,
Allport Commercial Recycling shall be entitled to charge default fees In the amount of storage fees usually Charged by freight forwarders and for to have the goods removed and to store elsewhere on account and risk of the Buyer. Allport Commercial Recycling shall also be entitled to refuse the acceptance of buyer's further performance. To sell or dispose of the goods over the counter and to charge the Buyer with all costs and damages incurred

For further information contact Richard Allport in sales, 07788-498962